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About Us

Hi, Welcome to our store

Anythingheli.com is a 100% family owned and operated online RC heli shop located in Amery, Wisconsin USA. Since 2010 we have been selling remote controlled helicopter kits, parts, accessories and related merchandise. Our offices & phone support is open Monday thru Friday between 10AM to 5PM CDT (Central Daylight Time).  Our warehouse is open 7 days a week to ensure that orders are shipped as quickly as possible. We process orders from 6am through midnight 7 days a week to make sure your orders are ready to go ASAP.





Dave Mullen

Owner/ AnythingHeli.com

Email: dave@anythingheli.com


“Hi, my name is Dave Mullen and I am the proud owner of Anythingheli.com, I would like to introduce myself, and tell you a little about how I got into this amazing hobby!

I was introduced to RC helicopter flying on a whim really: I bought my wife one of those little $20 mall copters for Christmas (hey, that’s what she wanted). Being it was Christmas day, she was busy, which meant there was plenty of time for me to check out her gift. I was interested but definitely not impressed. I thought, hmmm there must be something better at a proper hobby shop, so the next day I came home from the local hobby shop with a blade MCX and CX2: it was fun for about a week, but still not that impressed. Went on youtube and I found some 3D Heli flight videos, that was it,, I was mesmerized. A T-Rex 250 arrived 2 weeks later. Next, the  450, 500, 600, then 700, all within the first 6 months!. You could say I was undoubtedly hooked.. There was no going back, I found my dream hobby!!

I was so intrigued by all of the technical aspects of the machines. I wanted to fine tune them to meet the way I flew, and I was always looking for ways to get a more connected feel from my heli's as I improved as a pilot. I called local and many online shops trying to find answers to my more technical questions, to no avail. Most stores I called knew little to nothing about the products they carried, only what they would read on the box or in the manual, I needed someone with actual hands on experience, so I spent hours and hours every day reading, researching, practicing, and learning everything I possibly could. Many many hours in the forums on helifreak.com each day was a big help as well. In those beginning months I ordered A LOT of parts from many different online shops, and I became increasingly frustrated with my shopping experiences.

I would spend so much time trying to find a shop that had all the parts I needed in stock. I would place my order then wait for the email shipping confirmation, and often get the dreaded “Sorry, out of stock” email for what seemed like the one part I actually needed. I also experienced unnecessarily slow turnaround times between ordering and when my order was "actually" shipped. And on occasion parts would be delivered damaged due to improper (lack of care or respect for my parts) packaging.

Some of my machines were left on a shelf while others sat in a corner from a bad crash because ordering the parts I needed to get them back in the air had become such a frustrating experience. And, while they do look good on a shelf, they belong in the air.”


So, in 2010 Anythingheli.com was born to fill a void within the hobby; to be a unique online shop that:

  • Persistently strives for excellence in customer service.
  • Be very Knowledgeable about the products we sell, and are always willing to take the time to answer any of your technical questions or listen to your concerns.
  • Quickly responds to emails and voice mails (during normal business hours M-F 10am-5pm CST.) We are here to assist you. We will never leave you waiting and wondering if we even received your message.
  • Continually keep up to date with technological advancements within the industry, what’s new, and what’s coming soon. We want to offer our customers the latest and greatest products.
  • Maintains a large selection of “In Stock” quality products, including, but not limited to, the major leading brand helicopter kits, parts, and upgrades. We aim to keep our shelves stocked for all of your heli needs- you don’t need to shop anywhere else. Our Real Time inventory system (if you can put it in your cart, it’s in stock) means you can place your order worry free.
  • Ensures a simple, smooth and ultra secure shopping experience. Our site is easy to navigate as is our ordering process. We believe in the less is more website design. We will never sell or give away a registered user / customers’ information for any reason. We accept all major credit cards and PayPal. All payment transactions are ran through a VERY secure payment gateway with SSL 256-bit encryption, the highest level available today(compare to other sites using 128-bit), we spared no expense on your security.. We want our customers to be able to shop with absolute confidence that their information is 100% secure.
  • Takes extra measures to protect packaging integrity. We make sure that employees handle all products with care, however, once your order leaves our facility we can no longer make that guarantee. That’s why we take extra care during packaging; we want you to get your order in perfect working order no matter how it's treated enroute.


  • Lastly, but so very importantly, a shop that Ships (gets your actual package out the door and in the hands of the carrier) Super-Fast.


We want to keep the fun in the hobby by getting you back in the air as fast as we can. No hassle, no frustration, just flight.


We hope your shopping experience with us is pleasant, and that you come back to Anythingheli.com soon, where the number one focus is you, the customer.



Dave Mullen

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