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Ordering & Shipping

Orders usually ship within 24hrs Monday through Friday

 **All of the products on our website ship from our warehouse in Amery, Wisconsin, USA**


Real Time Inventory System

We would like to let our customers know that we implement a true Real Time completely automated inventory system, what does that mean you ask? Well, in a nutshell, if you can add a product to your shopping cart, it is in stock and ready to ship, we do not mark products in stock that are not ready to ship out within 24hrs, Our automated "Real Time" inventory system is very accurate, and always up to date. Our cart system will NOT let you check out with products we do not have ready to ship, so you do not have to worry about back-orders, or not receiving your complete order. 

Ordering & Security

The easiest way to place an order is as a registered user. Once registered checking out is simple and fast. Whether you register or check out as a guest, be assured that we do not sell or give customer information to any third party for any reason. We accept all major credit cards and PayPal. Payment transactions are ran through a very secure payment gateway with SSL 256-bit encryption, the highest level available today.


FAQ: Adding to an existing order (Combining 2 or more orders into 1) 

 Question: I forgot a couple parts in my order, and I want to add them to my order before it ships?

Answer: Log into your account, then check If your order has a status of "Order will be filled shortly"(or if you do not have an account, make sure you did not receive a shipping/tracking email), you can still add parts to that order by simply making another order and leaving instructions in the "order comments" to combine the order with your order placed earlier, once the second order is made and all orders are shipped, we will take the total shipping charge we paid for the package containing both orders, then give you store credit for the difference at the time your order is shipped. In most cases adding a very small lightweight part or two does not change the shipping charge much at all (keep in mind package cost by the USPS is based on both size and weight down to the ounce), so you may be credited most of the shipping charge of the subsequent order/s depending on weight/size of the added products. The USPS charges by the ounce for first class mail, so even a small part may increase the shipping charge from the USPS. (please note: there is a minimum 99 cent fee that will be used from any additional order/s shipping cost, this is to help cover our credit card or Paypal processing fees, any extra packing costs, etc.)
 Example: 1st order still says ""Order will be filled shortly"" and a second order is made. First order shipping charge is $8.00, second order shipping charge is $4.00, total cost for us to ship both orders is $9.00, we will credit your AnythingHeli.com account a store credit of $3.00 minus the .99 cent fee(total $2.01 credit), and you can use this credit on future order/s. Store credit will show up as soon as your package ships.


NOTE: One of the orders must be made while logged in to your anythingheli.com account to receive store credit. You can check the status of your orders and/or Store credit by logging in to your anythingheli.com account, and clicking "My Account " at the top of the page. Remember, once your order is marked as "Shipped" we can no longer add to that order. It has been boxed, sealed, and USPS labeled for size and weight, and may likely be on its way to the post office.



USPS shipping times explained:

Although there is no guarantee on transit times by the USPS, we have assessed that over 90% of packages will be delivered in the following amount of time, please allow for an average of 1-3 extra in transit business days around the holidays since the USPS is often overwhelmed around holidays.

  • Priority Mail EXPRESS (24 - 48 hours from time of shipment, but in 70% of shipments 24 hours or less "Overnight")
  • Priority Mail (2-3 days from time of shipment)-This is the best bang for the buck!
  • First Class Mail (3-5 days from time of shipment) - (total package weight can not exceed 15.9oz)
  • Parcel Post Select Mail (5-12 days)

*Please note: We do not guarantee shipping times on any class of USPS mail.



International Shipping

We only offer international shipping to Canada at this time.



FIRST CLASS INTL PACKAGES TO CANADA MUST NOT EXCEED 24 INCHES(please make sure your order does not contain any items longer than 24 INCHES if you are able and want to choose first class intl @ check out)

Other faster mail such as priority mail, and priority mail express do not have any of these limitations, they are much safer as far as how rough the box gets banged around, both of them are much faster, and they normally go through customs faster, sometimes weeks faster.


It's always been our suggestion to ship priority mail, or priority mail express if you want consistency, first class can sometimes be a coin toss on how long delivery may take in today's current climate.



International Shipping Policy:

When shipping internationally, PayPal is the preferred and a great choice, however, if you need to use a credit card when placing your international order please be advised we only ship to the actual credit card holders verified address (actual Credit card billing address). Any orders that are made to an address that is not the same as the actual credit cards billing address (or can not be verified with the credit card company/bank) will be cancelled without notice and refunded back to the credit card used for that order. For the best and quickest service we recommend that you use PayPal to make the payment. NOTE: If PayPal is used, we only ship to the address associated with your PayPal account.

Some countries will charge a customs fee, this cost is the responsibility of the customer and is not handled by, or the responsibility of AnythingHeli.com


International shipping insurance policy:

If you would like insurance on your International package, please contact us at the EMAIL on the bottom of this Page before you make your order, We will calculate what the cost of insurance is, and you will have the option to pay that amount if insurance is needed. If you do not insure your order, we (AnythingHeli.com) are not responsible for lost or stolen packages. 

Priority Mail International is also most reliable, this type of service allows the package to be tracked, and makes reliability very high, and is why at this time all we offer for intl shipments. We want to make sure your package gets to you safe and secure.


International Customs/Taxes/VAT

PLEASE READ: For all international orders outside of the United States, certain duty fees or customs fees may be required upon delivery of your order. Please understand that we have no control over any duties, taxes, brokerage fees, or other such customs fees, and cannot be held liable for any such fees you are charged, no matter what the situation may be.

If you receive your order and do not pay the required taxes, fees, duties or brokerage fees, the order will be abandoned at your local customs facility, and due to shipping fees and additional duty fees applied to us to return the order(s), we will not be able to make the return, and thus will not be able to offer any refunds, credits or otherwise. Please be very aware of all such fees & responsibilities regarding these matters, as once the package/order/shipment leaves our facility, we no longer have control over your order/package.


Insurance on your shipment up to $100.00 (included free of charge for all Priority Mail & Express Mail shipments)

all orders are insure free of charge for up to $100 when the customer chooses the "Priority Mail" or "Express Mail" shipping option. Shipping insurance over 100.00 is available at the customer’s expense by request only. Please express your desire to place shipping insurance on your order in the “Order comments” section upon checkout. We will contact you with the insurance payment details. Please note, "First Class" Mail & "Parcel Post" Mail do not include shipping insurance.

We (anythingheli.com) cannot be held responsible for damaged, lost, or stolen packages no matter the reason.



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