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ION RC - Carbon Fiber Printed Battery Tray - SAB Goblin Raw 420

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Product Description

ION RC - Carbon Fiber Printed Battery Tray - SAB Goblin Raw 420

  • We manufacture all of our printed products right here at our facility in Amery, Wisconsin USA, using some of the highest quality printers on the market.
  • All our printed products also use the highest quality filaments from an American owned and operated manufacturer, they only use American made raw materials.
  • We are proud to say that every one of our printed products, from raw material, to the finished product, even the plastic bags, and folded card stapled to the top of the parts bag is made right here in the good old USA!


Battery Tray Features:

As you can see, we made a few design changes from the stock tray:

  • First, we started with angled battery strap slots that will accept up to a 25mm wide heavy duty strap, these slots will keep your straps in place when changing batts on the tray, and they also keep the straps from sliding, or wiggling off the ends of the tray. Click here for straps we found to be a great fit for these trays and most common battery sizes you could fit on the tray.
  • Then we elongated the pin slide angle at the top right, this allows the pin to slide more smoothly as you push the tray up to snap the pin into place. This is easier on the pin, tray, and you!
  • We also designed the tray so once the pin does snap into place, there is nearly zero movement/slop of the tray, this keeps vibrations & resonance down overall, keeping your battery from resonance can prolong its life, and will keep your RAW 420 running as smooth as possible, that can only be a good thing!
  • On top of that we made the tray out of a super tough exotic material, this tray is ultra strong, and ultra durable, high end American made carbon fiber strands that are blended into the polymer makes these trays crazy strong!
  • This Carbon Fiber blended co-polyester also helps protect your battery, since the tray can help take the brunt of a crash/impact and not act like a brittle thin plate that could possibly crack, and cut your battery open which would almost certainly start a fire!
  • We also elevated where you stick the battery down using velcro or two sided tape by a little over 1mm, this helps with airflow around the bottom sides of the pack, which helps keep the battery cooler as we seen from testing against our other prototypes that did not have this raised area for added airflow.
  • More in-depth details about the material the trays are made from can be found at the bottom of this page.
  • NOTE, The ION rc RAW 420 Tray does not have mounting holes for the quick release system, as we find it better to connect by hand. Keep in mind, once the quick connectors are connected, the stock G10 tray can slightly move around while in flight making the two connectors move around causing inconsistent wear on the connectors bullets, and housing. This is why many pilots do not use the quick connect system.

Photo above is the top of the tray, photo below is the bottom.

  • The top of the tray has a 110mm long by 31mm wide area for battery mounting tape, velcro, etc, most of the double sided tape we use for our batteries is 30mm wide at most. Remember to clean the top of the tray with IPA and a lint free rag or towel to remove any oils from your fingers, dust, etc.. before sticking anything to it, once clean we suggest letting the tray sit for 5 minutes or so to make sure the IPA has evaporated from the part completely(or a little quicker if you point a fan at it).

Material Features:

  • The tray is made out of what is commonly known as "Exotic FDM Filament". This particular exotic material is made from ION RC's proprietary Co-polyester, blended with a whole bunch of american made high quality strands of Carbon Fiber. Our filament manufacturer (that is owned operated in the USA, and only use raw materials from the USA) extrudes this into a very high quality printable filament for us to make these parts, it is not simply carbon fiber dust mixed with plastic like many of the cheaper and less durable filaments options out there. It is far more complex to make, much stronger than similar filaments that use carbon dust, or cheap chinese made CF strands. And many times stronger than any normal printed parts.
  • The tray is also very highly chemical resistant to grease, gasoline, nitro fuel, and most other chemicals, heck we actually suggest using IPA(isopropyl alcohol) for cleaning our printed parts. Don't try any of this with ABS, PLA, or most other plastics, gasoline will melt ABS, PLA, etc. You could actually pour gasoline all over our parts with no negative effects, well, maybe one negative effect, the part would smell like gas until you clean it thoroughly!
  • Unlike many other plastics and polymers that get brittle after hours and hours of sun / UV exposure, our plastics are made to be outdoors!
  • The carbon fiber infused polymers are not brittle like normal carbon fiber, they are very very strong due to the actual carbon fibers imbedded in the polymer before its extruded into filament, however the tray acts and feels like a super tough & rugged plastic, with a carbon fiber matte finish on top, and a stylish textured finish on the bottom. This tray will likely outlast your battery & helicopter!
  • All of the raw materials used for printing our parts are 100% made in the USA.

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